Wadsworth Migrant Shelter

In 2023, Chicago opened a shelter for hundreds of migrants at a closed school in the Woodlawn neighborhood. The shelter has offered an opportunity for local organizations and churches to work together to create resources and welcome the migrants into our community.

Cosmopolitan United Church, as a church that welcomes, affirms, and loves all, has joined in helping our new neighbors.

Woodlawn Community Banquet – April 15, 2023

On Saturday, April 15th, Cosmopolitan United Church attended the Woodlawn Community Banquet held at First Presbyterian Church of Chicago. The banquet brought together longtime members of the Woodlawn community and several dozen migrants from Latin America living at Wadsworth Migrant shelter. The night was filled with live music, dinner, and dancing.

Soccer Match

In a continued effort to foster greater ties with the community, Cosmopolitan United Church has teamed up with Street Soccer USA to organize soccer games outside Wadsworth every Sunday from 2:30 – 4 pm. Anyone is welcome to participate, and donations of shoes or other equipment is appreciated.

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